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Child Care Health Consultant Competency 11: Social and Emotional Well-being

(Source: Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center, Child Care Health Consultant Competencies)

CCHCs assist programs to support children’s executive functioning, self-regulation, and developmentally appropriate relationships with other children and adults. A CCHC also:

  • Reviews written discipline policies and observes procedures to ensure they align with positive guidance principles
  • Identifies factors that enhance children’s social and emotional well-being
  • Matches programs with community resources, including mental health consultation

The CCHC connects programs to resources and strategies to assess and appropriately address social and emotional and behavioral concerns. A CCHC also:

  • Helps identify possible underlying health problems that contribute to social and emotional and behavioral issues and assists with appropriate referrals
  • Works with staff to develop a method for observing and documenting information about social and emotional and behavioral concerns
  • Supports staff in finding compassionate ways to share information about social and emotional and behavioral concerns with families
  • Helps programs access mental health consultation to prevent suspension and expulsion of children with challenging behaviors
  • Connects programs with mental health consultants who can address the effect of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) on children’s wellbeing and who can provide guidance on trauma-informed practices

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Featured Initiatives and Resources:

This initiative offers services to identify, prevent and modify challenging behaviors with a goal of reducing the expulsion rate of NC child care centers.

Healthy Social Behavior Specialists are housed in the regional child care resource and referral agencies and serve all 100 North Carolina counties.

Resources for Resilience’s mission is to offer trauma-informed and resiliency-focused classes and trainings.

RFR was created in response to the public health crisis of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), and seeks to address the ongoing stress and trauma that many face every day.

NCIMHA is dedicated to the healthy emotional, cognitive, and social development of children prenatal to five years old. They work toward a future in which every infant, toddler and young child in North Carolina grows up within nurturing relationships, positive experiences and supportive environments.

Additional Resources