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Child Care Health Consultant Competency 14: Oral health

(Source: Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center, Child Care Health Consultant Competencies)

CCHCs also

  • Help programs develop and implement oral health policies and procedures that include care of infant’s oral
    health, infants who are teething, daily tooth brushing in the classroom, preventing injury in the classroom,
    and preventing tooth decay
  • Review nutrition and food service policies and procedures to ensure they promote good oral health, such as
    proper use of bottles for feeding infants and limiting sugar-sweetened foods and beverages
  • Educate staff about the link between children’s oral health and development and the importance of
    primary teeth
  • Help staff understand how to identify oral health concerns in children
  • Ensure staff are prepared to respond to dental emergencies
  • Ensure staff are able to connect families to community resources that provide oral health services,
    including fluoride varnish and other prevention strategies, as needed
  • Help programs access oral health educational materials for families

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Featured Initiatives and Resources

The NC Oral Health Section works to advance the oral health and well-being of NC citizens. They have oral health programs focused on prevention in early childhood and preventive services in school health.

Tooth Talk is an easy-to-use website that gives childcare providers, parents, healthcare providers, and other professionals the latest information on improving young children’s dental health.

ECLKC provides resources to promote a healthy mouth. Visit the website to learn about proper toothbrushing and other preventive measures and how to find a dentist.

Additional Resources