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Child Care Health Consultant Competency 3: Policy Development and Implementation

(Source: Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center, Child Care Health Consultant Competencies)

The CCHC helps programs develop policies that describe what they will do to promote health, safety, and wellness. A CCHC also:

  • Helps programs develop or revise policies to comply with regulations
  • Encourages programs to develop policies that promote best practices
  • Ensures policies address emerging health concerns and reflect the most current science-informed and evidence-based practices
  • Reviews health policies after an incident has occurred, when programs change health policies, or at least annually
  • Encourages programs to solicit broad input from all stakeholders when developing, adapting, or reviewing health policies
  • Reviews policies to ensure they are culturally responsive and family-centered

The CCHC and ECE staff use their mutual areas of expertise in developmentally appropriate health, safety, and wellness practices to identify and implement strategies to improve the quality of programs. A CCHC also:

  • Helps programs determine procedures needed to effectively implement policies
  • Collaborates with programs to identify the resources and support needed to fully implement each policy
  • Supports programs’ efforts to help families understand and adhere to program policies and procedures
  • Observes procedures and helps programs make changes when needed

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Featured Initiatives and Resources

The American Academy of Pediatrics published the 5th edition of Model Child Care Health Policies in October 2013. This edition is a practical tool for adoption and implementation of best practices for health and safety in group care settings for young children.

Standard 9.2 of Caring for Our Children, the National Health and Safety Performance Standards Guidelines for Early Care and Education Programs, provides guidance on policy development.