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504 PlanSection 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
AAPAmerican Academy of Pediatrics
ACEsAdverse Childhood Experiences
ADAAmericans with Disability Act
APHAAmerican Public Health Association
B-3QINC Birth-to-Three Quality Initiative
BBPBloodborne Pathogens
BMIBody Mass Index
CACFPChild and Adult Care Food Program
CCCChild Care (Licensing) Consultant
CCDFChild Care Development Fund
CCHCChild Care Health Consultant
CCHC CoachChild Care Health Consultant Coach
CCHC-CEChild Care Health Consultant, Certification/Endorsement
CCR&RChild Care Resource and Referral Agency
CCRIChild Care Resources Inc.
CCSAChild Care Services Association
CDCCenters for Disease Control and Prevention
CDSANC Children’s Developmental Services Agency
CEHNC Children’s Environmental Health Unit
CFOCCaring for Our Children
CHIPChildren’s Health Insurance Program
CMARCCare Management for At-Risk Children
CPSChild Protective Services
CPSCUnited State Consumer Products Safety Commission
CSHCNChildren with Special Health Care Needs
CYSHCNChildren and Youth with Special Health Care Needs
DAPDevelopmentally Appropriate Practice
DCDEENC Division of Child Development and Early Education
DCFWNC Division of Child and Family Well-Being
DHHSUS Department of Health and Human Services
DOLUS Department of Labor
DPHNC Division of Public Health
DSSNC Division of Social Services
ECEEarly Care and Education
ECERSEarly Childhood Environment Rating Scale
ECLKCEarly Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center
ECTAEarly Childhood Technical Assistance Center
EHSEarly Head Start
EHSEnvironmental Health Section
EIEarly Intervention
EPREmergency Preparedness and Response
EPSDTEarly and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment
ERSEnvironment Rating Scales
FCCERSFamily Child Care Environment Rating Scale
FCCHFamily Child Care Home
FDAUS Food and Drug Administration
FPGThe UNC Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute
G.S.General StatutesGeneral Statutes
Go NAPSACCNutrition and Physical Self-Assessment in Child Care
HIPAAHealth Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
HSHead Start
HSBHealthy Social Behaviors Project
IDEAIndividuals with Disabilities Education Act
IEPIndividualized Education Plan
IFSPIndividualized Family Service Plan
ITERSInfant/Toddler Environment Rating Scale
ITPInfant Toddler Program
ITS-SIDSInfant/Toddler Safe Sleep and SIDS Risk Reduction in Child Care
LICCNC Local Interagency Coordinating Council
LPsLocal Partnerships for Children
MCHMaternal and Child Health
NAFCCNational Association for Family Child Care
NC CCCNC Child Care Commission
NC HSAETNC Health and Safety Assessment and Encounter Tool
NC MedicaidNC Medicaid Division of Health Benefits
NCAEYCNC Association for the Education of Young Children
NCBONNC Board of Nursing
NCCCHCANC Child Care Health Consultant Association
NCICDPNC Institute for Child Development Professionals
NCIDNorth Carolina Identity Management
NCIMHANC Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Association
NCIMHANC Infant Mental Health Association
NCPCNC Partnership for Children (Smart Start)
NCPHANC Public Health Association
NCRLAPNC Rated License Assessment Project
NRCNational Resource Center for Health and Safety in Early Care and Education
NTINational Training Institute for CCHCs
OHSOffice of Head Start
OSHAOccupational Safety and Health Administration
PCANC Positive Childhood Alliance North Carolina
POEMSPreschool Outdoor Environment Measurement Scale
RDRegistered Dietician
SACERSSchool-Age Care Environment Rating Scale
SIDSSudden Infant Death Syndrome
SUIDSudden Unexpected Infant Death
SWCDCSouthwestern Child Development Commission
TATechnical Assistance
USDAUS Department of Agriculture
WCHWomen's and Children's Health Section
WICThe Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children