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CCHC Expansion and Statewide System Development Project

The NC Division of Child Development and Early Education in collaboration with

  • the NC Partnership for Children
  • the NC Division of Public Health
  • the NC Child Care Health and Safety Resource Center

is supporting a project to expand child care health consultation services across North Carolina. This effort is to ensure that every licensed child care program has access to a qualified CCHC. According to national best practice standards, access to CCHC services is essential to the health and safety of children, staff, and families in child care.

The CCHC Expansion Project builds on the existing Smart Start investment in CCHCs by local partnerships and create CCHC positions to serve regions and communities that do not currently have access to CCHC services.


To improve the health and safety of indoor and outdoor early care and education environments by expanding and sustaining North Carolina’s state-wide network of child care health consultation. 


  1. For four lead partners NCPC, UNC/NC Resource Center, DPH, and DCDEE to work collaboratively towards improving the quality of the health and safety services provided to child care programs.
  2. To expand the state-wide network of child care health consultants (CCHCs), starting with regional positions, and with the potential for continued local expansion. 
  3. To refine the definition and role of CCHCs in North Carolina.
  4. To strengthen the state-wide system of governance for the CCHC network so that expectations are mutually agreed upon and consistent.
  5. To redefine and strengthen CCHC coaching to incorporate the enhanced provision of ongoing, regular support to both local/regional CCHCs and to be the primary support contact for CCHC supervisors and funders.
  6. To support a redesign of the NC Health and Safety Assessment Tool to establish a process for the ongoing assessment of state-wide impact.
  7. To advocate for making CCHC a required service so that all licensed child care facilities in NC have an identified CCHC to work with.

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