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Communicable Disease and Exclusion Chart

The Communicable Diseases and Exclusion Chart on this page can be searched by the name of the disease or symptoms. The chart gives an overview of the disease, prevention methods, and details about necessary exclusion… Continue reading

Communicable Disease Toolkit

The Communicable Diseases Toolkit provides guidance for communicable disease prevention and control in early care and education (ECE) settings. ECE programs must follow all applicable rules and laws referenced at the beginning of each section of this document… Continue reading

Recommended Adult Vaccines

People need vaccines throughout their lives, not just during childhood. Adults need to keep their vaccinations up to date because immunity from childhood vaccines can wear off over time. You are also at risk for different disease… Continue reading

Reportable Diseases and Conditions in NC

Certain communicable diseases must be reported because they are considered dangerous to public health. The North Carolina Communicable Disease rules require early care and education programs to notify cases or suspected cases of reportable diseases to the local health director … Continue reading

Sample Policies

Training: Stay Healthy, Stay Clean

Stay Healthy, Stay Clean is a training available from Child Care Health Consultants that includes modules on:

  • Handwashing
  • Diapering / Toileting
  • Sanitation
  • Food preparation and service.

Read more about Stay Healthy, Stay Clean on the Training and Technical Assistance page for early educators.

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