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The Infant/Toddler Safe Sleep and SIDS Risk Reduction in Child Care (ITS-SIDS) training prepares caregivers to set up safe sleep environments and follow safe sleep practices that may reduce the risk of injury and death from SIDS deaths and other sleep related infant deaths.

 NC Child Care Rules .0102(26); .1102(f) and .1703(a)(4) & (c)(11) require the following people to complete ITS-SIDS Risk Reduction in Child Care Training: 

  • center directors/owners/operators of programs licensed to care for infants 12 months of age or younger
  • caregivers who are scheduled to work in the infant room
  • substitutes and volunteers who work in the infant room and are counted in the staff/child ratio
  • family child care providers licensed to care for infants 12 months of age or younger

ITS-SIDS training must be completed within two months of being hired or of becoming an administrator. The course must be repeated every three years.

ITS-SIDS Train-the-Trainer Course

Course description

The ITS-SIDS Train-the-Trainer Course prepares child care health consultants, infant toddler specialists, and early childhood professionals to provide required training to early educators, directors, and family child care operators on:

  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
  • external stressors and risk factors associated with SIDS
  • components of a Safe Sleep Policy
  • NC Child Care Regulations and best practices that support a safe sleep environment and reduce the risk of SIDS and suffocation
  • procedures for responding to an unresponsive infant and the death of an infant in child care

Trainer Eligibility

Who is eligible to be an ITS-SIDS trainer?
  • Child Care Health Consultants (CCHCs)
  • Regional Infant Toddler Specialists
  • Technical assistance providers who work for child care resource and referral agencies (CCR&Rs)
  • Other early childhood trainers who meet eligibility requirements:
    • BS/BA degree in a health-related field or in early childhood/child development.
    • Infant/toddler knowledge, which includes college coursework specifically related to infants and toddlers or growth and development of young children; or have at least one year experience working with infants or toddlers in a licensed child care facility.
    • Have at least one year experience in adult training or education.

Course Format, Cost, and Schedule

The ITS-SIDS Train-the-Trainer course is online and free of charge. It is largely self-paced and takes approximately four weeks to complete. It is offered three or four times each year.

Application and Additional Information

If an individual does not meet eligibility criteria in an area where there is a need for an ITS-SIDS trainer, a Request for Approval form may be submitted along with the ITS-SIDS Train-the-Trainer application.

Submit the application (and Approval form if necessary) as an email attachment to:

Direct questions to:

Mary Cleary, Training Specialist
NC Child Care Health and Safety Resource Center