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Tamar Ringel-Kulka, MD, MPH
Program Director

Jacquie Simmons, MScPH
Project Director

Professional Development & Support

Lindsey Pertet, BS, CHES, CCHC-C
Child Care Health Consultant and Training Coordinator
Steven Gunn, MPA
Training Specialist
Vickie Fennell, MS
Information and Training Specialist
Jasmine Walker, MA

Data Administrator


Theresa Stenersen, RN, CCHC-C
Child Care Nurse Consultant/West Region Coach

Lisa Shifflett, RN, CCHC-C
Child Care Health Consultant/North Central Region Coach

Amy Petersen, RN, CCHC-C
Child Care Nurse Consultant/East Region Coach
Karla Cooper, RN, CCHC-C

Child Care Health Consultant/ South Central Region Coach

Child Care Health Consultation

Beth Porreco, RN, CCHC

Infant/Toddler/Child Care Health Consultant (Anson, Hoke, Montgomery, Roberson, Scotland counties)

Stacy Rosser, MPH, CCHC
Infant Toddler/Child Care Health Consultant (Edgecombe, Halifax, Nash, Warren, Wilson counties)





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