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There are four RN CCHCs that provide coaching support to all of the CCHCs in NC.

Theresa Stenersen
Child Care Nurse Consultant
West Region Coach

Karla Cooper
Child Care Nurse Consultant
South Region Coach

Lisa Shifflett
Child Care Nurse Consultant
North Region Coach

Amy Petersen
State Child Care Nurse Consultant
East Region Coach

CCHC Coaches provide the following to both new and experienced CCHCs:

  • Orientation to CCHC practice
  • Competency support before, during, and after the NC CCHC Course
  • Ongoing consultation/coaching guidance in the implementation of services
  • Support in using the NC Health and Safety Assessment and Encounter Tool
  • Webinars and other regular communication

Coaches also support and develop strategies to expand the CCHC network by working with local health departments, partnerships for children, and other agencies that provide support to child care facilities, to advocate for child care health consultation. Coaches offer support for hiring and funding agencies including:

  • Guidance to hiring and funding agencies on recruiting and hiring
  • Oversight in CCHC model fidelity during planning for and in reporting of contract deliverables

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