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The NC Child Care Health Consultant Certification and Technical Assistance Endorsement (CCHC-C/E) opportunity verifies that an active CCHC has met the requirements established by the NC Child Care Health Consultant Association and the NC Institute for Child Development Professionals, for education, training, and experience necessary to provide health and safety technical assistance, consultation, coaching, and training to early educators and staff working in early care and education facilities.

The CCHC-C/E recognizes and validates the educational accomplishments of the NC CCHC workforce through an assessment of an individual’s educational achievement and assigns a CCHC-C/E level.

  • CCHCs who become certified meet the guidelines established by the Institute for Child Development Professionals for technical assistance endorsement. 
  • The CCHC-C/E requires ongoing continuing education to maintain certification status and must submit a renewal application every five years.
  • CCHCs holding a current certification are publicly recognized for their specialized qualifications on the NC Child Care Health Consultant Association (NCCCHCA) website.

Application materials and additional information are also available on the NCCCHCA website.