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Child Care Health Consultant Competency 5: Resource and Referral

(Source: Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center, Child Care Health Consultant Competencies)

The CCHC connects programs with community resources and expertise to enhance health, safety, and wellness services. A CCHC also:

  • Helps programs access appropriate resources to meet program and family needs
  • Facilitates communication between programs and qualified specialists in fields such as mental health, early childhood education, disabilities, and nutrition
  • Helps programs maintain current records of contacts, agencies, and organizations in the community, state, or tribe that can support the health and wellness needs of the program and families served

The CCHC plays a role in connecting families with community services, assistance programs, and resources to address their health, safety, and wellness needs. A CCHC also:

  • Identifies community service providers that can help families access health and social services
  • Helps programs develop and maintain a current list of health care providers able to serve families
  • Helps programs identify a staff member, consultant, or community resource to communicate with families whose preferred language is not English.

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Featured Initiatives and Resources:

The NC Child Care Resource and Referral Council provides high quality CCR&R services across the state and ensures that families, child care providers, and communities have access to high quality CCR&R services.

Head Start is a program of the United States Department of Health and Human Services that provides comprehensive early childhood education, health, nutrition, and parent involvement services to low-income children and families.

NCCARE360 is the first statewide network that unites health care and human services organizations with a shared technology that enables a coordinated, community-oriented, person-centered approach for delivering care in North Carolina.
Smart Start Logo

Smart Start’s mission is to advance a high quality, comprehensive, accountable system of care and education for each child beginning with a healthy birth.

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